samedi 25 février 2006

Courage! *

Il reste des gens qui me souhaitent bonne chance et me soutiennent. Ca a l'air de rien mais ça aide:
Well if I lived in Amsterdam you would have my vote for sure!
Bummer, I'm in Centrum, but I'm voting for you guys anyway.... bonne chance!
Like I said before, if I lived in Amsterdam, I would vote for you. I live in Breda
I like your style and impressed with your courage!
I still have to read up on the other candidates, but I may just vote for you....I imagine the only candidates who are qualified to look after my non-native interests are non-native politicians....
I'm not really a PvdA man (mind you, I wouldn't support any of the others either) and I'm not voting in Amsterdam, but nevertheless best of luck to you. Anyone who's standing up to the current wave of populism and xenophobia deserves a chance.
(à un mec qui se plaignait que tous les politiciens sont des salauds:) At least this dude has got up off his ass and is trying to do something positive, and is wanting to represent the expat community. Is that not a tad better tthan sittin' around and bitching? After all, you don't HAVE to vote for him if you don't want to, but the option is there. Tja... Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
I've only been registered here for 4.5 years, but I got my voting cards in the mailbox! Unfortunately I do not live in Oud Zuid, but my friends do, so I am going over there today to tell them about Monsieur Chambon!!!